Find Your Thanksgiving Centrepiece at Margo’s Flowers in Oakville

Thanksgiving is a great time to enjoy a festive meal and gather around with family and friends. The holiday is also a wonderful opportunity to flex your entertaining skills and show off those seasonal floral displays. Since the Thanksgiving feast acts as the focal point of the entire celebration, it’s important to put some thought and effort into your table decorations. Create the perfect ambiance with unique floral arrangements that are sure to impress your guests this holiday season.

Give your floral décor a chance to shine this holiday season with creative solutions from Margo’s Flowers in Oakville.

Creative Ways to Decorate with Flowers this Thanksgiving

Whether you prefer a classic arrangement or a more modern look, flowers are a simple yet effective way to add warmth and beauty to your next holiday gathering. Take your pick at your Oakville florist, Margo’s. Here are a few creative ways you can incorporate flowers into your Thanksgiving decor:

  1. Create a Cornucopia: Nothing says ‘Thanksgiving’ like a floral cornucopia. Literally translated into ‘horn of plenty’, a cornucopia should overflow with seasonal flowers, foliage, fruits and vegetables. Regardless of what combination you choose to incorporate, a cornucopia should capture the look and feel of abundance. 
  2. Switch-up Your Vase: When it comes to all things fancy, vegetables are not usually the first thing that comes to mind. However, Thanksgiving is the perfect time to embrace everything that fall has to offer. Hollow out a pumpkin and use it as a holiday-appropriate vase to hold your flower bouquet. A unique vessel provides more visual interest than a standard one and will really get your guests into the holiday spirit!
  3. Play with Colour Scheme: Choosing to decorate with fall colours at Thanksgiving is always a safe bet but if you want your arrangements to really stand out, try blending traditional moody colours with brighter hues to create a distinct colour scheme. Margo’s, your local Oakville flower shop has a wide variety!  
  4. Incorporate Different Shapes and Textures: Add visual interest by selecting blooms and greenery of all different shapes, smells and textures. For instance, incorporating fresh herbs and other woody elements will compliment your Thanksgiving meal and are a beautiful addition to any traditional bouquet.
  5. Keep it Low: There is nothing worse than trying to have a conversation with your tablemates when an obstructive floral arrangement is in the way. When it comes to fancy floral decor, bigger does not always mean better. Keeping your bouquets below chin height will create a more comfortable atmosphere for everyone.

Find a Wide Selection of Seasonal Flowers in Oakville

This year, it’s time to step up your Thanksgiving celebrations with floral arrangements from Margo’s Flowers. Located in Oakville, we are a full-service flower shop that caters to all events and occasions. Led by lead designer, Amanda, our friendly and talented staff have a keen eye for detail and creativity, no matter what your needs or budget. We love what we do and are highly motivated to provide exceptional floral services for each of our valued clients. For our Oakville customers, we are happy to provide free delivery for flowers.

Whether you plan on having a big celebration or intimate gathering this Thanksgiving, decorate your home with flowers from Margo’s. We will go the extra mile to make sure this holiday season is one you will not soon forget.

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