Margo’s, Your Oakville Florist has an Amazing Selection

You’ve watched all the DIY home décor videos on Pinterest and have bought the pretty sequined cushions for your living room; but there’s still something missing. Something colourful or elegant which will tie it all together and put the wow factor in your home. With the many colours, designs, shapes and sizes available, flowers are the answer.

Nothing accentuates your home décor better than flowers. Whether your style is white minimalistic, colorful chic, or classic wood and brass, there is a perfect floral arrangement for you.  

Decorate your house with beautiful flower arrangements from Margo’s, your friendly and trusted flower shop in Oakville.

Your Oakville Florist Has the Choicest Floral Arrangements for your Home

Beautiful flowers can complement your home’s interiors and make your space look new without any major design changes. There is a floral arrangement perfectly suited for every type of home.

You could always go the old-school route of putting a bouquet of flowers on a table or hanging a wreath by the door, but why not get creative with it?

Here are three fancy ways to decorate your house with flowers:

  1. Bottles for a lively dining room: Instead of throwing out your old and used bottles of wine, you can take off the labels and use them as vases. If you are not a fan of the dark tinted glass, you could always spray paint the bottle your favorite color. Don’t overdo it and put too many flowers in one bottle, but rather one or two single stems would look nice. For this style, the Robin’s Egg Orchid is the perfect fit as the purple phalaenopsis will contrast well with the dark bottles. The orchid also represents love, beauty and strength – everything that you need in your dream home.
  2. Bedside Peace: Peace and mindfulness is essential for a healthy, happy family. You want to be reminded of that serenity and tranquility the moment you wake up so you start your day with a happy and calm mind. Having a refreshing succulent like the Namaste on your bedside table will remind you of just that. This cluster of four mini succulents presented in a modern stone container will not only complement your bedroom style, but also offer you the peace and calmness that is much needed for a relaxed mind.
  3. Colours galore: You can never go wrong with a splash of colour. Whether your home décor is the trending white minimalistic design or a mixed canvas, a colourful floral arrangement will transform your space for the better. This sweet arrangement, Let’s Celebrate, with its myriad different colours like pink, white, and red with green stems is not only cheerful but also romantic. Keep the love in the air by decorating your living room or bedroom with this stunning and romantic floral arrangement.

Be Creative with Fancy, Beautiful Flowers from Your Oakville Florist

Decorate your home with breathtaking and gorgeous flowers. Don’t just put floral arrangements randomly in your house, but rather think creatively and assess the best type of vase, flowers, and size for each space. Dig out that old pair of rain boots, dust off that Christmas cookie tin, rediscover grandma’s teapot, bring out the ice bucket you haven’t used in years—there are so many items sitting around your home that could be used to flaunt the most gorgeous flowers and brighten up your home.

Margo’s flowers, a full-service, boutique flower shop in Oakville, is open for all your floral needs. We hand-make each floral set and go the extra mile to ensure your happiness and satisfaction. It’s your home– we want to be a part of making it look and feel just that much prettier!

Voted #1 in the 2018 Team Choice Awards, Margo’s Flowers has something beautiful for everyone.

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